Friday, 18 May 2012

The Macmillan Book prize!

The day before yesterday, I got a very good phone call. My children's book, 'No Such Thing' (that's the thing I posted a sneak peek of), has been awarded 3rd place in the Macmillan Book Prize for students, yay!!! :D

It's certainly a nice way to finish off my second year!


  1. aaahh congratulations! amazing!

  2. fantabulous! I knew you were going to make it as soon as I clapped my peepers round your work! :) P.S please can I commission a small sketch? how much would you charge? possibly of a tamandua and a chameleon and a predicament with their tongues? What predicament etc etc of your choosing? xx

  3. Well done Ella. :-) Very pleased.